Employment law is the expression of our shared values of prosperity, respect and equal opportunity.

Employment Law

We know that the fair exchange of work for pay is just one aspect of a vast body of law that seeks to ensure equity and safety in the workplace. Drafting employment contracts and compensation plans is detailed and important work, but today’s clients demand much more from their employment law counsel.

Human Rights

All aspects of the employer-employee relationship, from recruitment and hiring to day-to-day operations and dismissal or retirement, are governed by legislation that requires respect for human rights, equal opportunities, and freedom from discrimination and harassment.

Professional Regulation

Standards developed by regulatory bodies such as the College of Physicians and Surgeons or the Law Society of Ontario are industry specific and can vary widely. In regulatory matters involving complaints or discipline, we urge professionals to seek the counsel of qualified and experienced administrative and regulatory law practitioners.

Investigations & Mediation

In Toronto, mediation is a mandatory step in taking a claim made by an employer or employee to trial. But across Canada, some form of mediation is used to settle most employment or other legal disputes, with a very small percentage of cases ever going to trial.


As litigators, we believe that a strong knowledge of the law and experience in resolving disputes goes a long way to reaching successful resolutions of our client’s cases.   Though a very small percentage of cases ever go to trial, where a negotiated settlement is not possible, we represent plaintiffs and defendants through civil lawsuits, through all stages:  pleadings, discovery, mediation, and through the pre-trial, to trial.