Setting us apart

We believe employment law is the expression of our shared values of prosperity, respect and equal opportunity. The goal is to support productive workplaces that drive economic growth, and where safety, security and the dignity of the individual are protected.

At Hum Law, we consider the whole picture. We understand the complex interconnections that support a healthy workplace culture. We know employment law in all its forms and from every angle. With extensive experience, we balance the risks with the rewards to develop a clear and practical approach that advances client objectives. We use active listening to develop strategies for success. As our client, you are consulted at every stage, ensuring a growing level of confidence as the matter develops and is resolved.

Organizations doing business across Canada need legal counsel experienced in two legal systems. Clients rely on our expertise in practising civil and common law in both official languages in Quebec and the rest of Canada.

Seeking what is best for you, the client

Strategically aggressive legal tactics have their place. However, optimal outcomes are not necessarily the result of uncompromising negotiations or courtroom confrontations. We offer a pragmatic and determined approach, measuring our success by our clients’ satisfaction. We employ strong negotiating skills and draw on extensive expertise to achieve the best possible outcome from the client’s perspective, usually resolving issues outside of the courtroom. But make no mistake, when going to court is the only means to resolution, we fight to win.

Reaching out for diversity, inclusion and equity in the community

Recognizing the importance of their work, we offer preferential rates to select charitable and non-profit organizations.

The members of Hum Law are active volunteers with:

  • Toronto Chinese Business Association
  • The Solo, Small Firm and General Practice forums at the Canadian Bar Association and the Ontario Bar Association
  • CPAC Foundation and CPAC, representing the interests of internationally trained professionals
  • North American Association of Asian Professionals (NAAAP), Toronto
  • Up With Women, assisting recently homeless women rebuild their lives through career and business development